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Guest and Hunting Farm in Namibia

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Entrance Conservancy


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Entrance Lodge

The ERONGO-LODGE is situated in the heart of a 30,000 acres  hunting  estate surrounded  by the ERONGO volcano mountains more than 6,000 feet  high. The lodge is run by the Hinterholzer family of German origin who has been living on the beautiful farms of Otjimisauna  and  Ekuta for more than 70 years. In former times they were utilized as cattle Farms .However, this reduced the variety of the wild animals and so the family decided to concentrate more on the care of domestic wild animals.
For a long time now,  the wild animals have been used in a sustainable way. The hunting plan is based on a yearly count of the animal population. As a result the number of all domestic wild animals is growing steadily which is considered as a great success.


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