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Hunting Area

Guest and Hunting Farm in Namibia


The Erongo Crater is of volcanic origin. With a diameter of ca. 25 miles it is the largest of about 20 similar configurations in Northwest Namibia. Due to weathering the core of the former volcano has been converted over the ages into a more or less flat high level area surrounded by high, steep mountain ridges from the old Damara base mountains. The mountains are mostly composed of granite and to a lesser degree of basalt.           Viewed from top the Erongo looks like a huge basin. The whole Erongo complex towers several thousand feet above the surrounding landscape. The highest elevation of the ring mountains is the Hohenstein  with more than 7,600 feet. Even if the Erongo looks like a high, compact mountain complex from outside, the interior is a huge flat broken down into 11 round or oval single basins. Owing to its uniqe configuration the Erongo Mountains host an extremely rich plant and animal wild live.